Alexis Tioseco (1981 - 2009)

this is for Alex...

The Letter I Would Love To Read To You In Person
is a writing that one has to read and never forget.

When I sense a great passage of time, there is this feeling disintegration and fear that I have made such a waste of time, but one must live on, through that crack and tear that we pass everyday. The sudden passage of Alexis Tioseco have left a great impression on me. I am not related to Alexis personally but I feel a cosmic feeling of thirst for his connection. August 30, 2009, two days before the tragedy, I left a comment on his latest blog post, i said:
"Gosh! Alex, i totally agree with everything here. What is Philippine Film History, its essence and legacy, without an archive. The restoration of the films from the silent era of our old local cinema should be highly prioritize. If we cannot afford ‘LOCAL CRITERION COLLECTION’, it is best to keep everything free from the inevitable damages like dust, suspended particulates, high temperature effects of summer, or moisture accumulation during rainy days etc. I could cry now really. As we all know, all things decay with time, and there is not enough left. What in the heavens are they waiting for! What!"
It reverberated in my head, the whole time i recalled reading Oggs's September 2 post in the middle of everything. September 1 was part of the week that I can consider as my busiest week of all time. I had no sleep for three days preparing my part for the National Science Club Month. I had a little time for internet when, at last, one fine Wednesday night in the middle sorting papers and video editing i opened my BLOGGER dashboard and the name 'Alexis Tioseco' caught my eye and it was from Oggs. I exclaimed: "Oh my! Alexis!" I was shunned in disbelief, and right then and there my last words from my comment echoed like fire: "as we all know, all things decay with time, and there is not enough left."

Not enough left Alex, not enough left. I am hoping for an answer from him. But fate have silence my call forever.

"It is important for people to write about their own cinemas and not let it be left to those outside to dictate what matters."
--- Alexis Tioseco [from here]
Ciao Alex!