Mean Streets (1973)

...because i love it!

"Thematics considers subject matter and themes as components of the constructive process. The researcher may study motifs, iconography, and themes as materials, as constructive principles, or as effects of constructive principles...
...thematics informs many people's thinking about cinema... Thematics lies perhaps closest to the method-dominated criticsm, but within the tradition of poetics there have been wide-ranging theoretical and methodological debates of a kind not seen in interpretative approaches... that of Large-scale form. The poetics of literature explores principles of progression and development governing the well-made play, the sonnet, or the adventure of the novel...
...Stylistics, the third led of the poetics tripod, deals with the materials and patterning of the medium as components of the constructive process."

---David Bordwell
from Poetics of Cinema (2008, Routledge).