Anatomy of AND I LOVE YOU SO (2009)

Not your typical movie.

I had monay with cheese and Pepsi soda drink awhile ago for breakfast. I had to eat it on the run because i was late for class, so i ate my meal striding along Villanueva St., towards NIGS (National Institute of Geological Science). It was pretty an enjoyable meal actually, fast and scrumptious, never minding how dangerous it is to fill an empty stomach with cold soda like what my mother used to tell. Like my quick breakfast awhile ago, And I Love You So (2009) is somewhat like monay and soda combined with an awful lot of cheese. This is some sort of movie that you have to engulf in one sitting, and buddy, i got to tell you, the cheese ain't that good either. My dearest readers, one thing I like about watching new STAR CINEMA flicks is because the formula they've been doing for years has reached its irrevocable turn with And I Love You So (2009). Let me tell you the way!

1 | Extreme Body Engineering

BOOoooooMM! I guess everyone admits that only a few good looking men can equal the quirkiness and fame of Star Cinema's Derek Ramsay: ripped abs, tan body, bloody pecs, tall, boyish and with a bulbous head. From this shot, it is so precise you can trace his abs. Oh la la la...

Well, Sam, who looks like a puppy, is equally appealing as Derek Ramsay, but he has more package than Derek and Piolo combined, I have to admit. Notice how this shot is very "Psychoish" in a homoerotic way, not even Roger Ebert or Pauline Kael can resist that bigger, better chest muscles. My gosh look at those big bulging biceps!

Or the abs even! Richard Dyer would be very happy given the fact that most of these shots insanely echoes Jean Genet's odious but beautiful piece of work, Un Chant d'Amour (1950).

Or this one! Holy monsters! I just died.

Interestingly, there wasn't much of a nudity in Bea's part as to Sam's, which is one way of saying that this is not a film for men like most other Star cinema chick flicks.

Makes you wonder where did all those Bomba films from the 1970s go...

Such a piquant looking girl in a sea of ordinariness.

Sexy, but confused.
As for the extended love scene, where everything is zoomed in and covered up, Bea and Sam weren't even naked at all! Whotdohell!

2 | Sentimental Overload 1 (Oliver's Heart)

In the opening scene, one of the first few shots involves a tin can in a shape of a heart.

Apparently, the tin can shaped heart was Oliver's (Derek's) ashes.

Which wasn't quite so Filipino at all and somewhat Americanize on or not even close to that.

What beats the hell out of me was when Oliver's mom showered the ashes to the sea in this weirdly draped boat, I don't know what they're thinking but it's quite funny and cheesy. Too much drama!

3 | Sentimental Overload 2 (There exist an Eight ball whatsoever)

That tang! Makes you wanna squirt blood from your eyes and hope to die the next day! Without a doubt, Star Cinema is a haven for such bloody shots! Let's self-destruct guys! It's morphine time!

4 | Product Placement Galore!

No words. But let me tell you a story. I once had a roommate who used Belo Products, i don't know why he used it, some kind of toner i think, pink and bright, he used it day and night oh men!

Like what i said earlier, let's self-destruct! it's morphine time!

Bloody hell!

Outa here!