Auditoire did not win Best Entertainment Blog

but Auditoire is very thankful for the support of everyone from the local and international film community...

Une Femme est Une Femme (1961): and a one...

You may sense a bit of bitterness, but hey, cheer up guys, Auditoire pretty much received quite a following from the film community this year, and that is, for me, more than enough to be happy with.


Une Femme est Une Femme (1961): and a two...

This year, Auditoire received quite a reception from the international film community. I have never been happy in my life when one day after posting a blog post, a world-renowned film critic and scholar from Australia and editor-in-chief of film journal Rouge, Adrian Martin, commented on the post. Never in my life have I been frozen in my seat when he said:
"If you're watching many films and writing intelligent thoughts about them here on your blog, you're a film critic, no question about it !! Welcome to the club !!!"
--- Adrian Martin (Oct 2009)
An affirmation that one is a film critic from a world-renowned film scholar is more than enough to bear. Adrian Martin, wherever you are, I will never forget this one ever. As my fellow blogger, Epoy Deyto, considers a feedback on his short film Lalakeng may Isang Mumurahing Camera (2010) from famous or, better yet, historical figure of avant-garde filmmaking, Jonas Mekas, as one heck of an unforgettable event in his life, for me, this one is beyond being unforgettable, its nerve-racking!

I also want to thank fellow film critic from France, Harry Tuttle, who owns two major, major film blogs the international community adored: SCREENVILLE and UNSPOKEN CINEMA for listing Auditoire in World Artfilm Blogs Directory together with fellow film blogger Sir Noel, the late Alexis Tioseco, Oggs, Richard, Dodo and Simon Santos.

I am also very thankful to Catherine Grant, a UK film critic and famous owner of the notorious film blog, FILM STUDIES FOR FREE, for her enthusiasm with Auditoire's LIVE NOTES SERIES especially when she twitted my L'Avventura (1960) Frame-by-Frame Analysis and three other film critics re-twitted it including @thedailyMUBI. That was one heck of a night for me!

I also would like to thank Film-Philosophy, a notable scholarly film journal in the web, for inviting me to their annual conference on Film and Philosophy in Liverpool, United Kingdom for two consecutive years to present a formal paper for publishing. As much as I would love too, I do not have money to go to U.K. for such purpose. But thanks anyway! It is such an honor.

To other fellow film critics, cinephiles and scholars from around the world who reads this blog: Rex Baylon and Jim Gerow of New York, USA, Dan North from U.K., Just Another Film Buff of India and the ones from Spain, thank you so much for being patient with me. I love you all guys!


Une Femme est Une Femme (1961): and a one, two, three four...

This year, Auditoire, has began its immersion inside the local film culture starting with 6th Titus Brandsma Short Indie Film Festival where he met theater actor-director Jon Lazam, a starting experimental filmmaker and critic, Epoy Deyto, and cinephile and critic, Sani Ajero. Auditoire did attend two monthly screenings of Tioseco-Bohinc Film Series at FullyBooked the Fort with Epoy Deyto where we regularly meet and sit with filmmaker and critic, Carl Joseph Papa, and organizers, Oggs, Richard, Dodo.

With all my heart and soul, thank you Sani, Epoy, and Fidan for establishing and continuing with me our blogathon site CINEMATON! CINEMATON! . I owe you guys a film book about French New Wave, haha! Tig-iisa sana kayong copy, next year nalang! Char! I also would like to thank the contributors for Cinematon 2 - Star Cinema, Chris Fajardo, a film programmer of Titus Brandsma monthly screening, and Carl Joseph Papa. I'm sorry for being makulit to you. Haha! I also wanna thank Ryan Borja for reading this blog. :D

I want to thank film critic, Sir Noel Vera, for putting up my blog finally in his blogroll. For me, it's a great achievement. Thanks Sir Noel! :D

I also want to thank my long time cinephile friend, Jay Rosas, we haven't seen each other but we are as if long time friends or brothers even, thanks for sticking with me and my blog for almost two years now. Ewwwsss.... Hahaha!

Une Femme est Une Femme (1961): bladadadanggg da dangg...

I also want to thank local filmmakers: the most adored Raya Martin for the heads up about Alexis Tioseco liking my blog, that was sweet; Auraeus Solito for promoting a post, Archie del Mundo for all the laughter and tears we shared, kaya yan mars, konti ire nalang mapapanganak mo na ang Taksikab (2010/2011); Jay Altarejos for appreciating my words about Pink Halo-Halo (2010) and for sending me screencaps for a film article. I finished it a couple of months ago. I am hoping to send it somewhere over the net to get published, if not, i'll publish it here in my blog.

I am also thankful to be invited in a Critic's preview of upcoming film of Alvin Yapan and Alem Ang last September 2010. I hope my comments about the film helped, good job guys and goodluck!

Thank you so much UP Film Institute faculty, Joni Gutierrez, for your support in my FILM DECONSTRUCTED project which will be running until end of 2012 and hopefully will amount, into a publishable film book if ever I manage to survive that two long years of writing about film criticism. Also, thank you to my Film 12 instructor, Maam Avie Felix for appreciating my film critiques about Philippine Cinema (all of them will be published before the year ends in this blog).

And for all the people in the facebook group I've created for local cinephiles to meet and talk about movies, CINEPHILES!, thank you so much for keeping it alive! I owe you all choknuts!

I want to dedicate all of these works, these achievements and even my failures to Alexis Tioseco for being an inspiration to everything I do in film blogging. I wish you are alive right now tell you how great you are. You and Nikka will never part our hearts and mind.


Une Femme est Une Femme (1961):
Ma-Karina, Ma-Karina, Ma-Karina!

To my all friends, dormmates, roommates, Ace Ligsay for accompanying me at the awarding ceremony of Philippine Blog Awards 2010, PSYSC, Chem Engg Pips, random classmates on GE Subjects, thank you so much! I can never survive this blog without you! Thanks for enduring the plugging

To my family, Lola Mila, Enciso Family and to my mother and father who supported me through the years and for giving me freedom to express myself in any form, in any medium, anywhere, anytime.

And last but not the least, YOU my readers, thank you so much for being here!


The year end is coming. Guess what's coming to Auditoire this December?

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