About the BLOG

AUDITOIRE is a eclectic film blog about world cinema chronicling canonical and non-canonical films. The blog is based in the Philippines. It started as a one-man blog last February 23, 2008. It was initially owned by an eccentric Filipino cinephile Adrian Mendizabal for three and a half years, and was later co-authored by Filipino-Canadian cinephile Chris Eriz Sta. Maria last July 25, 2011. It gained a following from various cinephiles around the world especially from parts of North America and Europe.

About the ADVOCACY

AUDITOIRE's current advocacy is to champion new canons in cinema. It aims to focus on uncelebrated films and filmmakers around the world. It also aims to provide carefully drawn reviews and reflections about cinema's rich aesthetic history, (counter)ideologies, politics, and technology. With the proliferation of the internet as the new distribution medium for starting filmmakers, AUDITOIRE champions the works of the "new avant-garde movement", a movement centered on the web by digital filmmakers.


"[AUDITOIRE] does what the other blogs don't do, that is to raise the level of education in the appreciation of what is traditionally termed as entertainment."

- Oggs Cruz, Philippines, film critic and owner of Lessons from the School of Inattention

"[AUDITOIRE]...exhibits a true passion and insight about world cinema."

- Jim Gerow, New York, owner of ECLIPSE

"...[AUDITOIRE] is one of the best film blogs out there... you read, watch and write so much and with so much insight and acumen..."

"Great Blog!"

- Andy Briones, Philippines, owner of VISUAL VELOCITY

"Keep up the good work!"

- Jerrold Tarog, Philippines, director of SENIOR YEAR (2010)

"I love [AUDITOIRE]!"

- Ingrid Hoeben, Belgium, a journalist of KNACK (FOCUS)

"...I love your work man!"

- Rex Baylon, New York, owner of FILM EXPRESSION

"Your film analysis is excellent."

- Kieran Donaghy, Spain, owner of Film-English.com



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