RAIN and Blogging

RAIN and Blogging
A blog about my unblogged two-day rest period

A clear sky at Casiguran last summer!
It makes a lot of difference.

Ipil Kiosk July 25, 2008. Before the rain!

It was raining outside. I thought it would be the time for me to blog about the past few days. i still want to find a distinguishing character for my blog. If this would be permanent and irrevocable, then i would consider a singular monochrome of color that would suit my idea of blogging. Food, Fitness, University Life, Engineering frenzy, study tips, photoblogging, daily journal, i couldn't think of an specific idea for my blog. It should be something distinct and original.

Any way i'll just continue this blog after watching dark knight this evening.


sO I'M BACK AGAIN FROM THE DARK KNIGHT with my friend Keith. And this blog?

Well Keith says that i should write about it three days after watching it because i get so fuzzy with the details and i do not know where to start. That means this blog will not be about the Dark Knight, this will still be about the two-day rest period that i hAD.

Some junk mail updates from U.P. people:

1.) A Forum at Malcolm Hall with Law students to grind Arroyo's SONA this Comming July 28, 2008. Here's the invitation so i want you all to come to interact... Maybe i would be there, depending on my schedule. Of course i have a class and a quiz on EnE 31. But then if youre are really, really free on the said schedule, this is a must as social citizens of our country (and i do sound like a politician)!

UP Law Student Government
invites you to
a post-SONA assessment forum
July 29 (Tues), 9AM-12NN
Malcolm Theater
With guest speaker:
Former Civil Service Commissioner
CSWCD Faculty

University of the Philippines - Diliman
Mobile: +63917 887 58 40
Alternate Email: jrdedumo@yahoo. com

2.) Namets movie! it will be on JULY 30, I guess.... I don't know the whole story but it's about a love story over Negrenese Cuisine, food and falling in love kinda stuff! Which i don't normally watch. Practically because it's boring. Not that I hate the movie "NO RESERVATIONS" of Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart (who is also a main character in the DARK KNIGHT). But the fact that it's something that i never tasted before (No offense to some people!) is quite unsentimental! But then if you want to watch, then so be it.

3.) IBON Midyear Birdtalk: The Philippine Economic & Political situation from the People's Point of View. THursday 1-4 PM @ UP School of Economics auditorium (student reg fee 50 PhP, inclusive of snacks hmmm..) Get the hard facts of current crises and Learn the Logical Solutions. See pic bellow :

or follow the link (http://bp3.blogger.com/_QhGGZFzvX7Q/SH801Kh2CqI/AAAAAAAAAwY/NXP2uKEJXRc/s1600-h/ibon.jpg)

4.) RALLY! sa SONA

Don't worry mama i won't go there!
So anyone interested in the Universiy Student Council's stride towards mendiola, join this rally.

Brutal! Patalsikin si Gloria ritual doesn't work either!


My current table setting right now is hell. Let me take a pic:

Two things: magulo at SB!

I still drink starbucks and eat a bacon twist oblivious of my weight gain for a couple of days now. So what happened for the last two days?

1.) Eating so much JUNK in Front of Physics Pav.
2.) Engineering Power Speakers Session 1
3.) Molave elections and some interesting surveys.
4.) UP College of Engineering UPCAT Frenzy
5.) Gossips from Molave (my old dorm)

Apparently, if i have time, i could spend a whole post about this stuff. But anyway, let's begin.


I had this great idea, before my lab i should eat Pancit Canton in front of Physics pav. So i went there and ate my lunch. This is primarily the consequence of not having a canteen inside the dorm, you eat junk on street sides. And the most credible excuse from that is that i had a gym session a day before. What a lame excuse i have! I ate it anyway.

Preparing my pancit canton meal in a three step process:
1 Cut and Open
2 Boil
3 Filter
And that would be an hour!

Ate looking for my C2 Apple. I still couldn't believe that it's
27php this time.

Eating Junk food with my planner --- i plan things a week ahead
but food? it's an impulsive treat!

I bet i do have a flowery bookmark for my planner!

Rooster at Physics pav: "I'm hungry, hey, is that a worm?"
reffering to the pancit canton noodle!


I just talk there as usual. Haha! Yes, Mr. Jamandre of CAL lectured us about ETHOS, whatever that is, and 5 Steps of Public Speaking. I don't even remember each one. i'm so dumb! We had this activity where we talk infront of a group of people and each one of them would constructively critize the content of my speech and the method of dilivery. Unfortunately, this is what they think of me and it's pretty brutal!

I arrived early at Geo. eng'g Theater. Anybody here?

The comment sheet: My content was an applause but
i lost eye contact with my


Molave hit it! A few weeks after Ipil Elections i'm pretty excited on Molave elections, who's-who and da-whos appeared before everyone in front of molave lobby. too bad, the hotties are also posted. Check this out:

Hunks and Babes: Keisha Halili (alleged cousin of celeb hottie
Katrina Halili) topped the Babes... Pia Ubalde
(a sorsoganon) is also here.
Adrian Macrol? Who are you! not worthy!
Dapat si Pogi (former Kalay
floormate) nalang yung number one! waha

Lopez? what are you! Chairpersons are overrated!
Cainghog, sinuka! i mean sino ka?

Facilities Committee wants Keith Hernandez Cipriano!
may arrow pa tlg pababa! Obvious ba?
Si keith ang panalo sa appointee for Faci.

Blur but comphrehensive view of Molave elections tally!


I mean what's the fuzz with engineering painting the walls before upcat.? It's overpreparation to the max, but gladly it's a simple validation: Engineering people have this sense of self, an inner egotistical persona who tries to prove that they have money, or more importantly we have money to boast our ass off for UPCAT takers. And hell i'm proud of it! We can manage to do this and other colleges don't even bother to clean the corridors i.e. CAL, AS, others! what does it implicates? We rule! A sorry ass for CAL (hehe this message is intended for keith)! There are only two colleges in UP: Engineering and other low-ass colleges wahaha!

Melchor hall at it's pristine!

A banner tag for engineering building!

Overpreps for eng'g: workers dutifully removes
corroded paint off the wall.

Working 3 storeys high. Do they have gears and ropes
for all these?

Hope noone dies here!

Engineering RULES!


ISSUES, People of special interest


Sino tong isang mokong?

Na alledgedly nagkaroon ng madugong tunggalian with CH[u]M?
Dahil ba sa toot! nung nag welc (as in welcga? mali, tanga!) toot! sa RH[u]M? i'm getting sum vibes pare na dis pearly guy pare is a menace optimized! bangag! haha! but i don't hate him! sorry! but i don't hate him personally! just concern with my RHUM friends' concern, okay! (redundant ba?) Mga RHUM friends, hi! So itong si pearlyguy or (sumtin) na fall guy or (sumtin) naman ng Reyna ng mga POSHangI (PoshangI nga ba? haha... What does posh mean by the way? any cono out there who can decode for me?) ay Hari din ng isang bery bery prestigious-democratic-contradicting-so-many-membered-1.75 league under the sea of captain nemo! Na Yakie din, wherein sa yakie nag welc toot sila a day after na macancel ang welc ng RH[u]M. THat would be so unfair Pearly Guy! Yakie ka pa naman, you know how this things goes! youre so concern with your palpitating-kayakie! Magsama nalang kaya kayo! No offense! Isama mo na si palpitating-kayakie na gumugulong sa takot ng SShit ng RHUM! No OFFENSE! PEACE!

Siya ay walang iba kundi si pearly as in THE-PEARLY-NOT-CURLY GUY!



We had our first swimming lessons for CWTS Surivival program at Amoranto Stadium along Pantranco, Quezon Ave. It was exciting, fun and tiring. My face is white-spotted after being soaked for three hours at a 70% Chlorinated Pool. We made bubbles and some water exercises, it's tiring that's all!

inside U.P. Pantranco Jeepney!

my teammates! Excited!

other teammates looking forward for Bikini Babes!

The pool! this is just a third of the pool's lenght.
It's an olympic size pool. We are tasked to
cross the pool for our practicals.
it doesn't look easy!

All women wear bikinis, all men wear trunks!
Cool huh!

Funny Add along the Amoranto Stadium! Weigh[t]less
Center. THey happen to have an anti-gravity room in here!
Cool huh!

Ciao avid readers!

--- >.<-----